More than just a painting

I admire people who can do something I can’t. They really inspire me. We are so different and at the same time so close, because every person is gifted in their own way. My mom makes delicious apple pies and yes, it’s her gift. My dad is Jack of all trades, I wish I could inherit that quality. But I can’t cook and don’t like fixing things, it’s not my cup of tea at all. I’m a creative person. Ask me about painting, music, literature or dancing – and you’ll have the answer immediately.

How about a little night walk?

Modern canvas art has become my obsession since I saw Leonid Afremov paintings. There is something magical and extremely charming about them. His night cityscapes are my favorite. I often go for a walk at night, and every painting gives me a wonderful opportunity to explore new streets and cities I’ve never even been to. It’s like traveling in time and space! Today I’m gonna stroll along a beautiful ‘Night Boulevard’ depicted on this canvas. Can you see a man right there? That’s certainly me! Bright city lights, the smell of wet asphalt in the air, calm music in your earplugs… I can spend a whole evening examining Afremov pictures and won’t get bored, because the word ‘boring’ doesn’t refer to modern art. Canvas paintings by contemporary artists are incredibly versatile and you will easily find something to your taste!

Makes me wanna rock’n’paint!

On one hand, it’s weird that people we don’t know have so much influence on us. On the other hand, it means there is a connection between us all. Pictures by Leonid Afremov unite a lot of people all over the world. I’m so fond of his unique style that I’m thinking about painting a couple of pictures by myself, haha. So what I’m gonna need is:

  • Canvas art sets for sale
  • Imagination
  • Good mood
  • Some spare funds

My sister likes to buy abstract canvas art and she really thinks she has a good eye for it. But when I see her acquisitions, I can’t help laughing. No, I wouldn’t risk hanging ‘this’ in my bedroom! I guess even my own paintings will look better than a mess of colors she calls a contemporary art canvas. ‘Buy one from Afremov’s gallery and you won’t regret!’ I keep telling her that every day. But she doesn’t listen and spends her cash on tasteless stuff. Oh, those women! Please, don’t be like my sister! You should really take a look at these paintings, trust me!


All you need is love… and a little music

I’m gonna tell you about one of my child’s memories today. When I was a kid, I used to sit on the porch with a serious face. I pretended that I was a businessman thinking about money, important meetings and so on. I really wanted to become one. But today everything has changed – as I’ve mentioned before, I dream of being a musician. Some say it’s a useless job, but l completely disagree. What would people do without music? Teenagers would certainly die! There would be no Beatles, Rolling Stones, even the crazy Gangnam style wouldn’t get on our nerves. No, music must always exist! In fact, when talented musicians earn enough for living, they often spend some money on charity. Yesterday I read this article http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/09/30/jay-z-bringing-beyonce-and-prince-to-barclays-center-for-charity-concert/?ref=music&_r=0 and fell in love with Beyoncé. Haha, of course, I’m joking — Jay Z wouldn’t excuse me. I mean it’s great when you can help other people. I wish all of us did something good every day and maybe oen day we’ll be rewarded. That’s why, if I go on tour, I’m going to give part of the money to a children’s home or something. I once was there and it left an indelible impression on me. Poor little angels… My parents taught me to be kind and never let others down, so I believe that when my dream comes true, I’ll be able to share this happiness with those who need it so much!the-beatles

Hi there!

My name’s Leo Mattews. My friends say I’m talented and I don’t deny it. I had the best guitar teacher in the world! Mr. Brown is a cool old man who knows how to rock’n’roll. Oh God, I own him everything because now music is my life! I’m 24 and can’t spend a day without playing my Diana. Mom complains that I don’t have a girlfriend, haha, she doesn’t know that I always hide one under my bed! People say I sing quite well too. Every Friday I perform with my band at a local club where I also like hanging out with my friends. I hope to become famous one day. Now it’s only a dream but who knows!

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